Why you should buy this book

Provides great content to start the day and promotes great self esteem
Reinforces the positive.
Helps boys learn about socialization, free-thinking, and inclusion
Reading this book puts into practice, young boys speaking to their sub-conscience as a powerful tool!
Their manifestation and attraction skills are at their prime.

What you will find inside the book

The New Book from 7 year old, Chadwin Lawrence! A fantastic, and transformative book of affirmations for the strong boy in our lives.


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About me

Chadwin Lawrence is the most animated brother in the Lawrence Family. With family changes along the way, he makes the best of every situation that happens and if not afraid of asking questions.

He lovingly brings his understanding of life with him everywhere he goes. Chadwin understands that he is a role model to his younger brother Godwin.
He enjoys Godwin’s company and never views him as a pesky annoyance. He relishes in his role as a supportive big brother and his momma’s firstborn!